SMART CLOTHING with Callibri sensors

Callibri – a wearable device embedded with multiple sensors to monitor physiological data spanning across muscle movement, breathing & heart rates, and more.

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Callibri: Technology, Structure, Capabilities

Device functions:

The Callibri device can work independently or as part of a system. Callibri’s base unit is self-sufficient, consisting of ECG, EMG, EEG and respiratory sensors, as well as an accelerometer and angular velocity sensor. Also featured is USB, Bluetooth.

Callibri sensors can network with each other and coordinate with any other type of sensors. Callibri outperforms competing systems with a fixing system that eliminates virtually all interference, providing users with reliable information about their body activity.

Callibri Olympic: testing team in archery

Callibri enables the user to train any group of muscles, including those that would otherwise require professional therapy. Vigorous tests performed show that the Callibri system and the electromyography sensors within, effectively analyze muscle strain produced by athletes. As a wireless system, Callibri provides free range of motion for athlete movements while virtually negating obstructive motion artifacts that occur with today’s wired EMG systems.

Shown to the left are the EMG results of an Olympic archer. As the bow is drawn, the chest muscles flex slightly. Upon releasing the arrow, the archer’s shoulder blade muscles evenly divide the strain. Callibri sensors were able to detect a slight variation with the right shoulder blade muscle springing into action a second earlier than the left, and staying tensed a second longer.

To test Callibri

smart fabric +

smart sensors +

cloud health apps

We strive to use the new generation of smart textiles for the production of clothing with integrated the Callibri sensors.

Join as a manufacturer of e-textiles

Temperature sensors:
– temperature,
– muscle activity,
– calories,
– weight loss

ECG/EEG/EMG sensors:
– electrocardiogram,
– heart arrhythmia,
– pre-stroke, critical condition

MEMS, Accelerometers:
– identification exercises
– counting the number of movements
– the construction of a 3D real-time

Transducer Callibri:
– conversion of signals,
– storing and processing of data,
– battery life, 24 h

We seek cooperation and dialogue with colleagues in software and app development, as well as open access to our code.

API structure for developers

Callibri basic model: T-shirt, bra, belt 

Combine  smart textiles  and sensors to manufacture top performance sports apparel that fit the needs of the athletic consumer: A powerful combination of design aesthetics, affordability with reliable data gathering capabilities.

Callibri platform

SDK for App developers

Callibri is digital health platform that extend beyond heart monitors, pedometers, and other crowded biometric platforms in the market. Through incorporating these next level smart technologies, athletes will be empowered at all levels to take control in maximizing their abilities.

Motivation is contagious!

Share your achievements via social media and get your friends and family involved in the hunt for a happy and healthy lifestyle. You can easily synchronize your various accounts.

Amazing App Features

While exercising, you can focus on one specific parameter, without losing sight of the device’s other health indicators. Set goals for yourself, and the app will inform you when you achieve them.

Exercise effectively

Before you even begin any physical activity, the Callibri app analyzes all the current statistics relating to the state of your health, and recommends the most appropriate form of exercise.

Callibri Biofeedback: training is a game

icon_biofeedBiofeedback is the method by which a person – with the aid of a device or app – learn to control their bodily functions that are ordinarily subconscious. Our medical partners are successfully employing
Callibri biofeedback solutions in their practices to treat a range of neurological, musculoskeletal, and circulatory conditions.

For example, players must progress through this running maze by appropriately flexing their muscle. As the player applies more tension, the runner’s speed increases. To add more difficulty, a monster who chases the runner can be introduced forcing the player to react more quickly. We have designed additional games requiring brain or muscle input targeting an individual’s ability to focus, calm down, and more. 

To test Callibri Biofeedback

Who Are We

Better than any tracker

Strictly speaking, Callibri is not a fitness tracker (although it can perform all the functions of any tracker on the market). Rather, Callibri is a professional encephalograph, cardiograph and micrograph, all in one package. Along with the advent of Big Data, technological breakthroughs in the production of miniature medical microsystems have enabled manufacturers to create new devices like Callibri: small, ergonomic and breathtakingly multifunctional. Our team of developers has over twenty years of experience in creating professional medical apparatus, including devices that monitor the heart, muscles and brain. For our developers, Callibri is the apex of technological evolution. See for yourself: synchronized Callibri sensors can be placed on any part of the body.


Highest-Precision Noise Filter Technology 95%
Multifunctional (All in one EEG, ECG, EMG) 100%
Professional-grade for doctors and coaches 97%
Democratically tailored to our users 90%
Synchronization and non-stop data reporting 98%
Washable, sweat-proof and Smart clothes-durable 93%


Want to make sure that you do not have any hidden heart defects?

Attach the Callibri sensor to your shirt, bra or belt and monitor your heart using the Professional ECG mode.

Want to learn to relax, or practice better concentration?

Mount Callibri on your head and play any of the game-apps on your smartphone. Nirvana is near at hand!

Do you worry whether you are doing an exercise correctly? Whether your workout is intense enough to be effective for your overall physique or specific muscle area?

Place Callibri above a set of muscles according to the app’s diagrams and receive detailed information about the activity of your body.

Or are you just tracking your activity levels?

Wear any of Callibri’s sensors on a bracelet and simply live your life. Callibri will take care of your health and physical fitness, as if you you visit a doctor or a professional trainer every day.

“It is especially nice that now everyone can control their own health on a professional level, and their smartphone will warn them of health risks ahead of time, sending an alert to their doctor with recommendations for preventive care.”

–  Dale Makenzie

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