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Smart move with Callibri

Callibri – a wearable device embedded with multiple sensors to monitor physiological data
spanning across muscle movement, breathing & heart rates, and more.


Exercise based on what your body tells you

Do you think you can always correctly define how intense your workout should be? Striving to reach our fitness goals, we often misinterpret our body signals and follow workout plans that don’t fit our bodies. Pushing your limit too hard can keep you away from your goal just as well as not exercising enough.

Knowing the real condition of your muscles and the level of myogenic tonus is essential to creating the ultimate customized workout plan. No matter if you do cardio, weightlifting, bodyweight or yoga: the right amount of exercise is key to wellbeing.



Featuring sensors for ECG (cardio activity) , EMG (muscle tension), EEG (brain activity) and respiratory sensors, as well as an accelerometer and angular velocity sensor, the device provides wide range of data on physical activity and muscle state and can be transmitted through Bluetooth and converted into readable information. We provide SDK for developers creating mobile and desktop applications for Fitness and Wellness spheres, as well as those developing technology for smart gyms and integrated devices for individual use.

EEG sensors

EMG sensors

ECG sensors




EEG sensors EMG sensors ECG sensors Respiratory MEMS EMS
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Develop with Callibri

We always welcome new collaborations and seek partners to create products compatible with Callibri sensors. We provide SDK for developing applications and we will be happy tell you more about integration opportunities. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

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