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Callibri BeFit

Biofeedback pelvic floor training system designed as wireless solution for
correction and prevention of proctological, urological and gynecological conditions among both adults and children

Function & Purpose

Pelvic floor muscles weakness and failure may cause severe pains as well as various disorders and ailments associated with pelvic floor function.


Consumer version

Professional version


When pelvic floor muscles are out of normal tonus, regardless whether they’re too tense or too relaxed, it may cause pelvic pains and different disorders associated with pelvic floor function such as:

  • bladder disturbances; 
  • bowel incontinence; 
  • perineum pains; 
  • pelvic pains; 
  • colpoptosis (genital prolapse); 
  • constipation;
  • hemorrhoids. 


Using Callibri BeFit system also helps with a range of sexual disorders among men and women:

  • Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS);
  • anorgasmy;
  • erectile and ejaculatory disfunction.


Please note, it is only the specialist who can determine disorders, evaluate the physical condition of pelvic floor muscles and prescribe a special course of correction using the Callibri BeFit.

Unique features

Biofeedback therapy allows you to learn how to control and train your pelvic floor muscles

You can also use additional electrical stimulation together with Biofeedback for more effective muscular recovery.


«Callibri BeFit» Biofeedback system comes in two versions with additional functionality:

1. Professional version. Includes four Callibri sensors for recording EMG and two internal-use electrodes (vaginal and rectal).

2. Consumer version. Includes one Callibri sensor and one internal-use electrode (upon request).

3. Additional electrical stimulation: an effective pelvic muscle recovery method for urinary disorders.

To make sure you get the solution that fits your needs, we offer additional sensors and electrodes available to order.

Additional electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation is an effective method for curing certain disorders like stress urinary incontinence, urgency and mixed types of urinary incontinence, pelvic floor weakness etc. Electrical stimulation is known to help women who suffer from imperative urinary incontinence: it helps to relax the bladder and reduce uncontrolled contractions of the bladder muscle.

Electrical stimulation is also highly effective for neurogenic urinary disorders elimination, especially combined with Biofeedback trainings. Statistically saying, electrical stimulation effect success rate is between 54% and 77%. The most significant and lasting improvement is observed after a four-week course that combines Electrical stimulation and Biofeedback exercising.

«Callibri BeFit» Biofeedback complex implies pelvic floor muscles training enhanced with electrical stimulation therapy for weakened muscles.

How does the training work?

The user version of Callibri BeFit system is designed to eliminate a wide range of urological, gynecological and proctological conditions from home: the user can do it with specialist’s remote assistance or completely alone.


Using wireless Bluetooth technology and compact electrodes makes the system simple and comfortable to use.

Callibri BeFit system consists of:

  1. Wireless electrode for internal use (installed vaginally or rectally depending on the issue); 
  2. An EMG sensor for muscle activity detection is to be attached to a particular muscle according to the recommendations you can find on the software. The sensor registers an electromyogram (EMG) and transmits the signal to the application installed on a laptop.
  3. The software translates the registered data and turns it into a game (for example, «Submarine»): gamifying the experience brings more motivation and makes the process easier. Each effective movement (muscle effort) is accompanied by a corresponding encouraging action in the game (the boat moves up/down, collecting bonuses).
  4. After each training session, patient gets a report that is generated to clearly show the effectiveness of the treatment.


The training improves strength, volume, and endurance of the pelvic floor muscles, as well as their ability to relax. It helps forming the habit of maintaining certain level of muscle tension, which develops consistent results.

In case of using the system with children, it works with transdermal EMG electrodes applied externally.

Since the electrodes only help collect signal and do not have any effect on the body, Biofeedback method is absolutely safe for the children.

Biofeedback is known for not having side effects or further complications which makes it perfect not only for children, but also for expecting mothers.

Biofeedback can be used with children from 5-6 years old (depending on individual level of development). Gamification created motivation and high emotional engagement with children which helps properly completing the task..

«Callibri BeFit» training system benefits:

  • less pain during childbirth;
  • menstrual pain relief;
  • psychoemotional state improvement;
  • treatment different types of incontinence and constipation;
  • neurological disorders and pelvic floor surgery recovery.

System benefits

«Callibri BeFit» Biofeedback system is a combination of reliable high-quality equipment, technology and functionality that meets all the requirements of professionals.

  • Biofeedback method has been clinically proven to be effective for the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor organs disorders.
  • Pathogenetic orientation. Method aims to help restore, maintain, and strengthen health of the general population.
  • Painless and minimally invasive. Compact-sized sensors and electrodes are discreet and comfortable to use.
  • As the method is not a medication, there are no side effects involved.
  • Biofeedback can be combined with any other treatment methods, including pharmacological.
  • Active patient participation and control significantly improves recovery efficiency.

Features and equipment

Biofeedback therapy is effective in 54–87% of cases when used for pelvic muscles restoration. According to numerous medical studies, significant improvement has been registered even among elderly patients.


Software features:


  1. Graphic demonstration of electrode application for more effective training.
  2. User-adaptation including individual capacity of the patient.
  3. Various gamification options entice users and make the rehabilitation process more pleasant.
  4. Customizable techniques which can be used in the user library for further use.
  5. Extended session reports for tracking training progress and effectiveness
  6. Visualization of the indication dynamics within the training course.
  7. 7. Ability to monitor progress of specific selected muscles.


Pro version

  • Up to 4 sensors simultaneous use.
  • Bipolar registration of Biopotentials.
  • BLE connectivity.
  • Registered EMG signals capacity: 0 to 200 mV.
  • Up to 4 hours battery life.
  • At least 6 hours of continuous work.
  • Connectivity within 2-5 meters from sensor to PC Type of connection of intracavitary electrodes mini USB connector.
  • USB mini port for electrode connection.


Customer version

  • Single sensor use.
  • Bipolar registration of Biopotentials.
  • BLE connectivity.
  • Registered EMG signals capacity: 0 to 200 mV.
  • Up to 4 hours battery life.
  • At least 6 hours of continuous work.
  • Connectivity within 2-5 meters from sensor to PC.
  • USB mini port for electrode connection.

Set up:

Professional version

  1. Registration module (wireless sensor) (4 pcs.)
  2. Flash drive containing software (1 pc.)
  3. Vaginal electrode (3 pcs.)
  4. Rectal electrode (3 pcs.)
  5. Disposable surface electrodes (50 pcs.)
  6. User guide (1 set)
  7. Charger with micro USB adapter (1 pc.)


Customer version

  1. Registration module (wireless sensor) (1 pc.)
  2. Vaginal/rectal electrode (1 pc.)
  3. Disposable surface electrodes (50 pcs.)
  4. User guide (1 set)
  5. Flash drive containing software (1 pc.)

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