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Callibri Muscle Tracker

The system for recording the biopotentials of the athlete’s muscles during various exercises using the Bluetooth connection between the sensor and a personal computer.


System purpose

The system allows you to register muscle biopotentials (EMG) to monitor their activity during training.

The myographic system allows you to evaluate and compare the contribution of various muscle groups to the movement pattern.


The Callibri Muscle Tracker system consists of four Callibri Bluetooth sensors and software. Thus, it is possible to evaluate and compare the contribution of different muscle groups to the movement pattern.

The absence of wires allows to minimize motor artifacts and makes it possible to analyze the training process in detail.

The use of Callibri Muscle Tracker wireless technology in fitness allows you to conduct:

  • a multichannel (4 channels) on-line recording of muscle activity during the movements of the athlete;
  • an express assessment of the quality of muscle activity during training;
  • a visualization of the work of the selected muscles in real time;
  • an assessment and a forecast of the effectiveness of the training process;
  • an analysis of the individual properties of muscle activity according to the parameters of the electromyogram;
  • an adjustment of asymmetric movements at a symmetrical load.

System application

The Callibri Muscle Tracker myographic system is widely used in professional fitness.

The Callibri Muscle Tracker myographic system is easy to use and does not require special skills in working with equipment.

  1. For registration of EMG, wireless Callibri sensors are installed, which are attached to the studied muscles using self-adhesive electrodes;
  2. Each sensor is a fully-functional single-channel electromyograph that registers an EMG signal and transmits data via Bluetooth LE to a personal computer;
  3. Then, using the software for registration and processing of electromyograms, it is recorded and stored in a database.

The popular personal trainer, founder of the Anatomy School Studio Alexander Semenov has found a widespread use of the Callibri Muscle Tracker system in his activities. The use of electromyography in classes with professional athletes, beginners and amateur athletes allows Alexander to visualize the training process, clearly demonstrate what happens to each muscle during the exercise, which creates incredible motivation for training and increases the authority of the trainer in the eyes of the client.

System benefits

The Callibri Muscle Tracker system is a joint development of the scientific and medical company Neurotech LLC and a personal fitness trainer, the founder of the Anatomy School Studio Alexander Semenov.


The uniqueness and clear advantages of the Callibri Muscle Tracker myographic system:

  • creates an innovative approach to training;
  • improves customer performance;
  • takes training to a new professional level;
  • increases the authority of the trainer;
  • allows you to adapt training programs and techniques individually for each client;
  • helps to understand the role of muscle in a specific movement;
  • saves time and energy.

Features and equipment

The software functionality of the Callibri Muscle Tracker myographic system has been updated.

It allows you to analyze the work of muscles, increasing the effectiveness of training.


Software features:

  1. Analysis of time-repeated movements.
  2. Description of movements by a set of parameters: average and maximum amplitude, duration, area.
  3. Construction of a comparative table according to the described parameters.
  4. Analysis of the rhythm of repetitions and changes in the power of movements during sports.
  5. The ability to change the duration of the recording signal.
  6. Adding of selected signal sections to the report.
  7. Calculation of integrated EMG.
  8. Display of two resulting tables for each channel.
  9. The configuration of the channels with the ability to select the overlay.
  10. Support for the Protocol-Test structure, which is interpreted as a Muscle group - Exercise.
  11. Saving the report to the database in the form of pictures, graphs and tables.
  12. The ability to create your own protocol for the study of selected muscles.
  13. Monitoring the instantaneous value of the athlete’s heart rate with the construction of a history of changes in this indicator.
  14. Automatic system for detecting areas of EMG activity.
  15. The ability to manually edit areas of EMG activity.
  16. Configurable report with the ability to export to .doc and .pdf.
  17. The ability to visually compare two records on one screen.



Number of simultaneously used sensors up to 4
Type of registration of potentials Bipolar
Wireless interface Bluetooth
Recorded Signals EMG
The range of measured EMG voltages from 0 to 2.4 V
Charge time no more than 4 hours
Continuous work time at least 6 hours
Range of the wireless channel to 2-5 m

Minimum PC requirements:

General requirements

Operating system

Windows 10 (32 or 64 bits), build version at least 1803

USB ports

not less than 2 pcs.


Resolution not less than 1600x900 pixels.


Personal computer, laptop


Intel Core i3, i5, i7 family or equivalent AMD quad-core family of FX, A10, Ryzen families


no less than 4 GB


no less than 120 GB


Professional version

  1. Registration module (4 pcs.)
  2. Bluetooth receive / transmit module (1 pc)
  3. Charger with micro USB adapter (1 pc)
  4. Lead wire for EMG registration, 9 cm (2 pcs)
  5. Set of disposable surface electrodes (2 packs)
  6. Flash memory stick with software (1 pc)
  7. Operational documentation (1 set)

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