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Create your own applications for fitness and wellness with Callibri

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Training as a game: race, play and compete by flexing your muscles.

Introducing the muscle games: players must progress through this running maze by appropriately flexing their muscle. As the player applies more tension, the runner’s speed increases. To add more difficulty, a monster who chases the runner can be introduced forcing the player to react more quickly.

Flex and keep afloat

Collect points to upgrade and fly
to another planet

Cruise the clouds to reach
your goal

Be the spaceship army commander

Run faster and escape from
the monster

01 - 05


Analyzing muscle activity, Callibri sensors provide accurate data that can be converted and used for monitoring and planning exercising. Callibri sensors can work individually or networking with each other and coordinating with any other type of sensors. Callibri features a fixing system that eliminates interference, providing users with reliable information about their body activity.



There are two functionality options for Callibri: it can either sense the muscle activity or it can stimulate it. Electromyostimulation can be used for various purposes, including muscle relaxation, stimulation for better training and even as a preventive measure to muscular disorders.

Smart Fabrics, Gyms and more devices

We are constantly developing our technology and we are open to collaborations on smart textiles and clothing with sensors, enhanced devices and gym machines integrated with Callibri sensors and white-label production.



Discover Callibri

Introduce the power of biofeedback to your application and explore the new opportunities with Callibri technology.

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