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Callibri specification

Features and characteristics that make Callibri unique:

Work with disposable electrodes
Bluetooth connectivity BLE version 4.0 or later
Battery life at least 6 hours

Technical parameters

Electrophysiological sensor (device):

• Brain activity tracking (EEG)

• Heart rate and heart rate variability (ECG)

• Muscle activity tracking (EMG)

• Respiratory tracking

• Angular velocity tracking

• Accelerometer

Electrostimulation sensor (device):

• Current stimulus amplitude 1-100 mA

• Stimulus frequency 1-200 Hz, step 1 Hz

• Stimulating pulse duration 60, 100, 200 μs

• Angular velocity tracking

• Accelerometer

What it is

Callibri is a wearable device embedded with ECG, EMG, EEG and respiratory sensors, as well as an accelerometer and angular velocity sensors to monitor physiological data on muscle movement and tension, breathing & heart rates. Callibri can be also used as electromyostimulation device.

How it works

Callibri features two disposable electrodes used to attach the sensor to the body. Once attached and activated, the device intercepts electrical activity from the muscles, heart or brain and transmits it for further calculation via Bluetooth connectivity. Gathered physiological data can be used for measuring muscular tension and relaxation, heart rate variability, registering movement and reading brain activity.

Unique features

Up to 8 Callibri sensors can be attached and accurately reading data at the same time

The device includes a lot of sensors at the same time

Open (free) SDK for integrations

White labeling (we can change shape, build in smart cloth)

Extended battery life

Areas of use

Areas of use